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The Store

ATFUSA has found that the cost of good equipment is high.  We have developed a program to buy and sell great equipment at a reasonable price while allowing ATFUSA to raise some money to apply to programs. 

We have also partnered with our key supporters to offer the best products for our sport.


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  1. The ATFUSA Store:
    • 1 K SHOTPUTS(small)                               $20.00     plus shipping

    • 1 K SHOTPUTS(97mm Large)                   $ 80.00     plus shipping.

    • 2K SHOTPUTS 85+mm                               $40.00     plus shipping

    • 1K; 2K; 3K; combination                          $125.00   plus shipping

    • ((COMBINATION includes 97mm 1K shot; insert material to make 2K shot; insert material to make 3K shot (all material packaged and measured) spanner wrench,

    • 3K SHOTPUT                                               $40.00     plus shipping

    • 4K SHOTPUT                                              $50.00      plus shipping

    • 5K SHOTPUT                                               $60.00      pus shipping

    • 6K SHOTPUT                                                $70.00     plus shiping

    • .750 Discus                                                $55.00     plus shipping

    • Club                                                             $60.00     plus shipping


  3. Para-Track and Field:
    • Full Implement inspection Kit              $2500.00 plus shipping

    • Nagata Implement scale                        $550.00   plus shipping

    • Shot put measuring Templates             $30.00     each plus shipping

    • Discus measuring templates                $120.00   each plus shipping

    • Blank Shells 50 count                             $44.00 per box plus shipping
       (non-black powder; great smoke/sound)