Adaptive Track & Field USA

Setting the standards and records
for adaptive athletes in the USA


ATFUSA is a 501C3 Tax Exempt Organization registered in Texas.  The organization was formed in 1988 to be the National Governing Body (NGB) for  Wheelchair Track & Field in the USA.  Today the Organization is no longer the NBG for Para Athletics in the USA but is the NGB for the Junior and Master Para Athletics Population in the USA.  The NGB manages the Rules, Standards and Records for all IPC classifications in the  Space.

The By-Laws are in the process of being restructured to more clearly represent the organizations current responsibility.

Board Of Directors:
The Board of Directors is made up of 11 to 15 individuals. 
- Each Board member is elected to a 4 year term. 
- The terms are staggered evenly over a 4 year Period. 
- There are 5 executive board members.  The Chairman, Vice Chairman,
   Treasurer, Athlete Rep and Secretary.
- The remaining Board members are elected as Members at Large and then
   given a Chair Function with the approval of the Chairman.
- The Chairs at present are: Track, Field/Pentathlon, Road, CP, High School,
   Records, & Long distance Racing

Meetings:    Annual Mtg. 2019  11/11/2019
The board has 1 formal meeting per year which is usually held in the Fall.  The meeting reviews:
- The year,
- Elections,
- Annual Reports for Results verses Objectives,
- Finances,
- Rule changes for the upcoming year,
- Next year's programs and goals,