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2017 USATF
Para Youth Championships (YC):

Non-Classed Ambulatory and Wheelchair:  STANDARDS

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Adaptive Sports USA, Adaptive Track and Field USA (ATFUSA) and USA Track & Field (USATF) have formed a partnership to bring the USATF Para Youth Championships (YC’s) to the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals this summer in Middleton Wisconsin.

All 3 organizations are very excited to make this announcement for it meets each of our organizations core mission to bring the opportunity to do Para Athletics from the community level through international competitions to all Para qualified athletes in the USA.  Adaptive Sports USA with ATFUSA have been successful running Para Athletics events and developing Para Athletes across the country but were limited to reaching athletes to areas where Adaptive Sports USA clubs exist.  With this partnership and the USATF Association network, all over the country. we will for the first time be able to reach all of the USA’s Para Population and over time be able to offer competitions within minimal driving distance from everyone's home.

The USATF competition will run within the Adaptive Sports USA Junior National events.  Athletes will race or participate in Field events once.   Adaptive Sports USA/ATFUSA will award plates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Sex, Age Group, Classed event and The JO’s will offer 1st through 5th place medals to the top 5 athletes across all classes in an age group by Sex in either the Ambulatory or Wheelchair Division.  USATF PARA Youth Championship winners will be determined by points (The time or distance attained in the event will be divided by the national record for that sex, age group, class X 1000).  YC age groups are U11, U14, U16, U18.

USATF Junior Non-Classed Athlete Members will enter the competition by meeting the Ambulatory or Wheelchair Age Group Division Standard (go to the Meet Results tab  or the USATF Para Standards Tab and look up the standards) and signing up via the on-line JC registration page (check here in early April for the On-Line registration hyperlink). The Fee for  a USATF non-classed athlete is $50.00 which includes a $25.00 junior membership to Adaptive Sports USA and a $25.00 fee for the athlete to do 3 events.  YC athletes can do more than 3 events by paying an additional $10.00 per event.  (This fee is only available to USATF members competing in only Athletics)

Adaptive Sports USA Member Athletes will be allowed to enter the YC’s by paying the Adaptive Sports Junior National Registration Fee, checking off the YC box in the On-Line registration package and by joining USATF for a junior rate of $20.00 prior to the start of competition (information on how to join USATF in addition to Adaptive Sports USA to follow).

The track events for YC’s will include the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m & 3000m (the 1500m & 3000m for the most part is not a U11 event) and Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump for Field.

USATF non-classed athletes will be required to come to the meet early to be classified.  USATF Athletes will then compete in their Sex, Age Group, Class events for the dual competition (Adaptive Sports USA/ATFUSA Sex, Age Group, Class events and the Junior championship Sex, Age Group Competition).

It has been Adaptive Sports USA and ATFUSA's goal to grow the Adaptive Sports Junior Nationals to over 500 athletes, and USATF's goal to integrate Para athletes into USATF programs, this partnership gets all 3 organizations closer to their visions.

Please consider competing in the Para Youth Championship competition and possibly being one of the nation’s first USATF Para Youth Champion.